About us

Founded in 2011 in Bangalore, India, Piah Dance Company creates high quality choreographies and performances through our process of incorporating a 'Traditional India with a Modern Twist' philosophy.

Our vision at Piah Dance Company has always been to make human connections. We believe in building a strong dance community within our city, country and the globe and a strong community is built by its people.

This community forms an important part of the vision of this dance collective. We extend this community throughout Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Apart from a strong offline community, we have created an online community with the aim of sharing our choreography, creating a platform for people to learn Indian dances across the world, develop an emotional well being through dance and cultivate a repository of dance videos that encompasses all aspects of the culture of the Indian subcontinent.

This online community is created primarily through Piah’s Youtube channel that has reached over 58,700 subscribers and over 17 million views and counting till date.

Our work at Piah Dance Company showcases the beauty of India and takes inspiration from all aspects of Indian culture including dance, music, fabric and handicrafts.

Piah Dance Company conducts performances and choreographies and stage shows, folk and technique inspired workshops for kids and adults and online dance consultation for choreographies.

The Team


Piah Dance Company is based around a nucleus of trios, expanding to combinations of upto fifteen performers.

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The Photo Series Project

Photos tell stories.

Stories tell tales of journeys.

Presenting The Photo Series Project where we explore dance related themes and stories that tell the tales of Indian mythology and folklore.

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