Weddings by Piah Dance Company

Welcome to Piah's Wedding Choreography & Other Wedding Related Services

Piah Dance Company has customised Wedding Choreography in different categories to suit your needs :

Choreography on Location

  1. Bangalore / Ahmedabad : We have instructors located in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. We provide on Location choreography at your doorstep (based on availability)
  2. Destination Location for Choreography : We also provide a facility where our instructors can fly to your destination of the wedding a week in advance and conduct choreography sessions before your big day for your friends and relatives, and most importantly for you.

On-line Choreography

In today's day and age, with different people of the family living across different areas of the country (and the world), the need for teaching online has increased to a massive scale. And this is where Piah Dance Company plays a vital role in creating customised choreographies along with tutorials based on your need and requirement. We also provide additional Skype sessions to improve the steps .


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Choreography on Location(Offline) + Choreography via Customised Tutorial Video + Skype / Facetime Sessions for Teaching (Online)

This combines both the aspects above. Usually this is best suited for those families and couples who live in a different city and plan to fly down to their destination a week or two before.

We also have a couple of other wedding related activities we do, so feel free to contact us for any customisation at the most important event in your life

  • End to end script / theme based programme scripting for sangeet events that have multiple dances. This script helps connecting all the dances together based on a storyline that could be inspired by Bollywood or some entertaining life stories.
  • We also provide audio visual video content which adds to the visual appeal of the entire sangeet event
  • We have a team of performers for wedding sangeet performances by professionals
  • We customise dance music videos for bride and groom entry using a Green screen chroma shoot. This makes a very entertaining base for interactive choreography and brings a special kind of visual appeal to the audience at the sangeet

You can contact us on +91-8095278173/ +91-9978846117 or email us at for more information.