Choreography for Dreamworks Animation

My choreography with Dreamworks Animation employees. This makes me happy because I saw them push the it limits to doing lifts and floor work that they had not done before. I feel so proud :)So I have to share this. I started my journey with Dreamworks training them for different dance pieces around 2 and a half years back. I have never seen people as driven as these guys are. When I was told about choreographing this piece some months back, I was trying to figure out what we could dance on. Believe it or not, every lift that was done here was done by people who might or might not have danced ever in their lives. But they never said no for anything. They managed to do lifts that only professionals try and do. And at the end, as a choreographer what matters is, the exponential progress you see in dancers from the time you started out with them and see the before / after progress. I am very proud of all of them and thank you everyone who took the time out to come and watch these dancers put such a solid effort.


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