Mahesh Rao

He is one of the main dancer and Choreographer of PDC. He began idolising Michael Jackson when he was just 6 years old. He came to know about the group from one of the dancers and has been a part of the company from almost a year. Fondly known as Thalaiva of the group he is forever imitating the legend. He is well versed in Folk, Freestyle, Bollywood and Tollywood among others. He can easily talk in 6 languages and is quite the linguist in the group. His dream is to have a full time career in dance. Having danced through school and college, he finds himself the happiest when he is performing. For him the best part of being in PDC is that they treat him like family. He considers Bandhani - PDC's first dance production , to be the biggest moment of his life. He wants to build his dance life with the company.

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